Romans 15

1 Tolerating different practices of faith may seem like an unnecessary burden, but we must remember that building each other up in Christ is more important than our own comfort zone.
2 Unless a particular practice is unbiblical, we should accept and love that Christian. If he feels alienated or rejected then he may fall into sin.
3 Since Jesus was willing to bear the reproach of the world for our benefit, we should bear the relatively minor "discomfort" of dealing with others' quirks of faith.
4 This verse appears to be a comment about the quote in the previous verse. Scripture teaches us about God and how to have patience, comfort, and hope. The quote above is an example of how Scripture teaches us patience.
5 "Like mindedness" does not mean that we all think the same way. It means that we should have the same goals: to glorify God and help each other.