Romans 1

8 We do not know how the church in Rome began. It probably was not a large church, yet their impact on their society was felt and apparently respected.
9 Although Paul had never met them, he prayed for them. We should also pray for Christians in other parts of the world. We may never meet them here, but we will undoubtedly meet them in heaven. We may feel that such prayers serve no purpose, but we must remember that the power of God reaches far beyond our limitations.
11 Paul wanted to provide a word of encouragement to the Roman Church. It is possible that the church did not have a witness or a scholar to teach them more about their relationship to Jesus. There was no New Testament back then, and it is probable that few of the believers were of Jewish background. If this is the case, then their faith was based on the testimony of missionaries that may not have remained there. The letter that Paul was writing would fill in any important gaps in their doctrine, but he felt that a personal visit would go even farther to making them a permanently established church.
13 Paul had wanted to go to Rome, but it was not God's plan that he should go earlier. Paul would go to Rome, but it would be in chains. Even so, Paul would prove to have an effective ministry there.
14 Paul's desire was that people from all classes of society would come to know Jesus.
16 Many Christians are timid about sharing their faith because we fear rejection. However, the important thing a person can do is to believe in Jesus. Then He can wash away their sins. Even if the world mocks and humiliates us because of our faith, in the end, we will be honored, and those who refused to believe will be forever humbled.
17 The key to our relationship with God is our faith. We must have faith that He exists and sent Jesus to die for our sins. Our faith leads to action and obedience to Jesus.