Revelation 22

16 Most of the "tour" of the end times has been given by an angel. Now Jesus speaks directly to John again.

Jesus is the Root of David since He created David. He is the offspring of David because when He came in human form He was born to Mary, who was in the line of David, and was adopted by Joseph, who was also in the line of David.

The morning star, as we know it, is the planet Venus. It is the brightest planet visible from earth, and can sometimes be seen just before sunrise. Thus, it is the "herald" of a new day. In a similar sense, Jesus became the herald for eternal life with God when He died for our sins on the cross.

17 God calls all people to Him by various means. He may use individual witnesses, the Church organization, and/or the Holy Spirit. Those who desire spiritual truth should have no hesitation about coming to Jesus.
18 The prophecy put forth in Revelation is complete. Dire penalties await those who add or subtract words that would change the meaning of any passage. Like the rest of the Bible, one can not choose to accept one part of Revelation and ignore the rest. It comes as a whole piece and must be accepted or rejected as a whole. This does not mean we have to understand everything about it, but we have to accept by faith that everything will become clear as the events come to take place.
19 No true Christian would change the meaning of passages of this book (or by extension, the other books of the Bible). Thus, if someone intentionally rewords or interprets Scripture in a way that clearly violates the intent of the author (or God), it is likely that he is not a Christian, even if he claims to be one.

There are parts of Scripture that can be interpreted in several ways. In other parts, the meaning of words, places, and phrases has been lost. In these cases, the interpreter must be very careful with how he might interpret a passage. However, if he keeps in mind the spirit and context of the entire Bible (and his relationship with God), he is more likely to make an accurate and useful interpretation of the obscure passage.

20 Jesus promised to come quickly about two thousand years ago. No one knows how much longer it will be until Judgement Day, but we can be assured that in an eternal perspective it will come quickly. From the human perspective, most people do not live past the age of 80. The Bible makes it clear that this lifetime is the only available testing ground for our faith (Heb 9:27-28). Thus, on an individual basis, the end of a lifetime is the end of the wait. After a person dies the next thing he is likely to experience is the resurrection from the dead and his appearance before the Judgement Seat.

The Christian looks to the coming of Jesus with anticipation. We know that our reward waits for us and we earnestly desire to have the closest possible relationship with God that is not interfered with by sin. We need to be ready, and be living in accordance with our faith.

21 It is every Bible author's hope that those who read their words will come to believe in God, and by so doing attain His grace.

If you are not a Christian and have questions please talk with a Christian friend or a Bible-believing pastor. The decision to accept or reject Jesus is the most important one you will ever make, and is the one that will ultimately determine your eternal destiny.