Revelation 21

1 Verses like Eccl 1:4 indicate the earth is permanent while verses like Mat 24:35 suggest it is not. Perhaps what is being said here is that the earth is transformed. If we add 2 Pet 3:10, we could suggest that the surface of the earth might be destroyed and reformed while the material stays in existence. If we look at the life of a caterpillar, we could say that it is destroyed in the cocoon, and a "new" creature, the butterfly, emerges. Obviously, no material was taken out from or added to the cocoon, but a dramatic transformation has taken place.
2 Jesus promised the disciples that He would build a place in the heavenly kingdom for them (John 14:2-3). Of course, this extends to all Christians (Heb 11:16). This verse is the culmination of that building process. The beautiful city is placed on the earth.
3 God will live in the city with His people. They will have a more obvious relationship than can be seen in this lifetime.
4 There will be no more sin in this place, so there will not be any fear, pain, anxiety, or suffering. Our intimate relationship with God will give us full access to everything that is good and loving. We will be physically, emotionally, and spiritually satisfied.
6 Jesus was the instrument of creation and will be the final ruler. Thus, He is literally the beginning and the end off all things.
7 We can be thankful that God is so generous to us. He will give us true eternal life and all the satisfaction of heaven if we only believe in Him. He adopts us as His own children and will love us as a perfect parent once He removes the sin which interferes with our relationship with Him.
8 Those who do not believe in God show it by their sinful habits and lifestyles. They will live forever, but it will be a life separated from God (Rev 20:10-15). Since God is the source of love and goodness, those who persist in unbelief will be forever separated from these things as well (2 Th 1:8). Hell will be a place of pain and suffering, coupled with the regret of knowing that this did not have to be outcome.