Revelation 11

15 It appears there are still battles to fight, but at this moment, Jesus begins to assert His authority as ruler and judge of the world. His kingdom will be the final one.
16 To kings of the earth we bow in respect, but to Jesus we bow to worship.
18 Christians will indeed be thankful with Jesus begins to reign. He will destroy everything that is evil, leaving goodness, love, and peace behind.

"Destroying the earth" probably refers to the spiritual realm. However, it should be noted that people were declared stewards of the earth (Gen 1:26). Sin has caused us to abuse this responsibility. Thus, there is a spiritual accountability for those who destroy the environment.

19 The Ark of the Covenant represents God's presence. No one knows what happened to the ark that was built under Moses' direction (last mentioned in 2 Chr 35:3). One might speculate that God took it up to heaven, but this is doubtful. We must remember that Moses made the various tabernacle objects based on what he saw when he was on Mount Sinai (Exo 25:40, Heb 8:5). Thus, the ark seen here is the original from which Moses wrote down the design for the earthly ark.