Revelation 1

8 Alpha and omega are the first and letters of the Greek alphabet. This parallels the titles "first and last" and "beginning and end." The implication is not only that Jesus was there at the beginning of history and will be there at the end, but He is also present throughout history. He knows everything about what is happening on earth, whether it has been put into words or not.

It is appropriate that Jesus use the alphabet to describe Himself since He is also the Word.

Jesus also calls Himself the Almighty, which is a title used for God alone. As a member of the Trinity, Jesus shares that title with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

13 The awesome appearance of the Son of Man is also described in various Old Testament passages (e.g., Dan 7:9). In the Gospels, it is revealed that Jesus is the Son of Man that was seen in these Old Testament visions.
16 The sword coming out of the mouth provides an intriguing picture. In Isa 11:4 a similar description is found. This might be figurative (Heb 4:12), but in this context it appears to be a true physical trait of the risen Jesus.
17 In several places where men have encountered a physical appearance of God (or an angel), they fall down in awe and fear. While God's appearance may astonish us, His desire is to love us, so we have no reason to fear for our lives.
18 The ownership of the keys of Hades and Death mean that Jesus has the ability to free His people from death.
19 Jesus intends John to write this vision down and share it with the entire Christian community. It is known that the Church at this time was suffering oppression, and this book is meant to be a message of hope. Although that round of oppression passed, the Church has suffered off and on in many nations over the years. Whether an individual or group of Christians suffers oppression, we are to remember that one day it will all end, and we will be granted perfect and permanent peace and happiness in the presence of God.
20 The book of Revelation is filled with many symbols. Some have suggested that such extensive use of symbolism means that Revelation is not a prediction of the literal future. However, since many of the symbols are defined for us this conjecture is not valid.

The word translated as "angels" here means "messengers." While this could refer to heavenly or earthly messengers, it more likely refers to heavenly angels since they are associated with stars.

The churches are represented as lamps. The churches are to be lights in this spiritually dark world.