Psalms 145

8 Most people see God as a harsh and frightening Judge. However, His real desire is to have a loving and personal relationship with each person. He is patient with us because He understands our weaknesses. He is merciful, and does not punish us as we deserve when we come to Him in faith. Indeed, His mercy is so great that He subjected His Son, Jesus, to the punishment we deserved because we could not survive it (John 3:16). Only those who die without establishing a relationship with God will see Him as Judge. Those who live in faith and obedient will enjoy the full measure of His love and compassion.
9 God's goodness is not restricted to Israel. He calls people from every tribe and language to come to Him. Even in this lifetime, He blesses both the good and the evil in an effort to draw all people towards Him. Yes, there is much suffering, but this is brought about either by the affects of sin on creation, or the stubborn refusal of people to submit themselves to God's goodness.