Psalms 128

1 The word "blessed" means "happy." He who obeys God will experience the happiness of knowing they are doing the right thing. Even more so, he will know that his sins will be forgiven, and at the end times he will live with God forever and be surrounded by His perfect love.
2 He who obeys God will work hard and be satisfied with what he earns.
3 A godly man who is married will tend to his wife. They will have children, and the man will cherish them as a farmer cherishes his prized orchard.
5 Although this passage was written specifically for the Israelite, it can easily extend to the Christian man. This passage can also refer to both the physical and spiritual realms. Thus a godly man will help his own city prosper, but will also see prosperity in the Church (which will be the final Jerusalem).
6 The godly man will see his children and grandchildren prosper.