Psalms 122

1 Many people see church as boring, and can think of dozens of things that are "more interesting" to do. Some churches have combated this by livening up their services. But the point here is not the "entertainment value" of church, but the eager desire of a believer to join others in worship. It seems that so few today are excited about the great privilege it is to worship the one true God or rejoice at the salvation that He has given to us. We should have the attitude of David, who was glad when someone asked him to join him in worshiping God.
4 Jerusalem was the spiritual capital of the world because the Ark of the Covenant was there (1 Chr 15:3).
5 Jerusalem was also becoming the political center for the region.
6 As is stated in verse 9, we don't revere Jerusalem merely because it was a great city, but we revere it because it is a symbol of God's kingdom. The earthly Jerusalem has had many problems, but God promises to replace it with a perfect Jerusalem (Rev 21:2).
7 This is a play on words since "Jerusalem" means "foundation of peace."