Psalms 105

1 God had done many good and mighty things. He is worthy of praise. We should also tell others about God so that they might know His greatness as well.
2 He is a God who enjoys our songs of praise. We should sing about and to Him.
3 Joy and happiness are found by those who seek God and abide with Him.
4 God's strength is immeasurable. He will prove it when He brings the dead back to life in the Last Day and judges all who have lived. Those who have sought Him here will see His face and live in His kingdom forever.
5 It is important to remember God's works and commands. These give us confidence when times are difficult and direction when we feel lost.
6 This is a special call to the Israelites, whom God chose to be His special people. Christians share in this call by faith (Rom 4:16).
7 God is the God of Israel, but He is not exclusively theirs, because He is the only God in the universe. His will affects all people, and He desires all people to come to Him.
8 The promise the God gave to Adam and Eve to send a Seed to crush Satan is being fulfilled. The promise to Noah not to flood the world again still stands. The promise to David to have one of His descendents on the throne forever still happens. There are a number of promises that God gives that will never be revokes. Some of them have been fulfilled or partially fulfilled until the Last Day.
9 God promised Abraham that he would be the father of a great nation that would bless the world (Gen 12:1-3). Abraham had several sons, but only though Isaac was the promise to be fulfilled (Gen 21:12). Isaac had two sons, but just one of them was to be the great nation.
10 Isaac's son Jacob (later renamed Israel) became that great nation. Israel was the establishment of the promise God had made to Abraham. Israel became a blessing to the whole world when Jesus died and then rose from the dead. The blessing is that through faith in Jesus even those outside of Israel can share in God's promise to Abraham (Rom 4).
12 The history of Israel is a very unusual one. They were a nation consisting of people who were all from one family group (for the most part outsiders were not permitted to become Israelites).
13 Their family-nation started small and wandered around like nomads.
14 During the time of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, none of the powerful surrounding nations oppressed the Hebrews. In fact, they were revered (Gen 23:6). There were a few cases where God directly intervened to prevent harm to Abraham (Gen 12:14-20, etc.).
15 God protected them even when they made mistakes (Gen 20).
16 God caused a famine to occur in the land where Israel was living.
17 But before the famine came God sent one of Israel's sons, Joseph, to Egypt. Joseph's brothers sold him as a slave (Gen 37:25-28).
19 Joseph suffered many hardships, but God used them to refine him. In every respect Joseph proved to be wise and faithful to God.
20 Pharaoh eventually became aware of Joseph's dependence on God and the wisdom that this relationship gave him. Joseph was promoted from prisoner to second-in-command of Egypt.
23 Finally, the stage was set for Israel and his family to escape the famine in Canaan by living in Egypt under Joseph's protection.
24 In Egypt the little family of Israel became a large nation.
25 God then turned the Egyptians against the Israelites. He did this to remove Israel from the pagan influences of the Egyptians and to give the world a small glimpse of His power.
26 Moses seemingly was picked from birth to lead Israel. However, he had to learn to follow God's lead rather than make his own plans. God chose his older brother, Aaron, to become the spiritual leader in Israel. Aaron's descendants became the high priests for Israel until Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD.
27 God sent Egypt many miraculous plagues to prove that He is the only God, to weaken Egypt, and to convince them to release the Israelites from bondage.
37 Despite all their troubles and oppression, the Israelites were all strong and able when they left Egypt.
38 After all the plagues the Egyptians were glad to get rid of the Israelites. In fact, they had given them many valuable items like gold and jewels while they encouraged them to leave.
39 The pillar of cloud and fire was a reminder of God's presence. He gave the Israelites direction and light whenever they needed it.
40 He also miraculously provided them with food and water while they traveled.
42 God did all this to fulfill His promise to Abraham that he would be the father of a great nation.
44 After God led the Israelites out of Egypt He helped them conquer the land of Canaan.
45 God gave them a prepared land so that they could focus on obedience and worship rather than building a homeland from scratch.