Psalms 104

24 God created everything, and everything belongs to Him. He has given people stewardship over the earth, but we are still responsible to Him for how we have managed it.

God's wisdom is shown in how His creation works together. From the Global, ecological, interactions to the chemical reactions inside a single cell we see a small portion of the marvels and mysteries of God's wisdom.

26 Leviathan is a serpentine sea-monster (Isa 27:1). Apparently, mention of Leviathan is also made in the mythology of other people, and some have used this to try to erode the credibility of the Bible. However, scientists have found fossils of gigantic sea serpent like creatures, so it is possible that Leviathan was known first-hand by people, as is indicated in this verse.
27 Domesticated animals depend on people to provide for their needs. The wild creatures depend on God.
28 Most animals "harvest" on an as-needed basis. Some will store up provisions for winter.
29 Times of drought and natural disaster are very hard on animals. We do not know why God allows disasters to occur at seemingly random times and places, but we can have confidence that all things will work out for good in the end. We also must remember that the perfect world that God made was ruined by the sin of man. This sin led to the earth releasing destructive forces that can cause many people and animals to suffer. Satan (the "prince of the air') is also allowed some limited control over what happens. One purpose for God allowing this activity is for man to long for the day when sin and Satan will be taken away on Judgement Day.
30 After a natural disaster, the surviving creatures quickly refill the devastated area. It is as if God "created" them again as He did in the beginning. The plants sprout back, and in just a few weeks to a few years, the area looks new again, as if the disaster never happened.
31 One reason for creation was to give Him pleasure. The most important aspect of this pleasure was in the creation of people with whom He could develop personal, loving relationships with. When someone chooses to love God, it makes Him very happy.
32 This verse alludes to the time when God appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai. God's power is so great that the presence of His theophany causes the otherwise inanimate earth to react.
33 When we recognize God's power and His love for His creation, we should respond in praise to Him. Our praise should not be in short bursts, but should make itself apparent throughout the duration of our lives.
34 Meditation refers to quiet times of prayer and contemplation about God. God savors the time we spend with Him, and we become glad we know Him.
35 As we draw closer to God, we long for that time when sin will no longer interfere with our relationship to Him. God will take care of these matters when the time is right. In the meantime, we can still praise Him.