Psalms 91

1 The "secret" place of God is invisible to people because it is spiritual. However, the godly man can find that place, and his soul becomes protected forever.
2 God is always truthful and good, so He can be completely trusted.
3 This could be taken to refer to physical enemies and disease. It is true that God can protect one from these things, but this verse promises protection from spiritual problems: the devil and sin.
4 God is very close to His adopted children. At times, He is likened to a mother hen who keeps in close contact with her chicks as she protects them.

God's truth protects us by helping us make wise decisions.

5 We do not need to be anxious in any matter, whether it is spiritual or physical, because our eternal hope is in God.
7 On Judgement Day, many people will be condemned, but the Christian can be confident because of his faith in Jesus.
8 In Revelation, the smoke of hell is visible, at least for a while (Rev 14:9-11).
11 Angels are messengers and helpers from God. How they perform their tasks is a mystery since angels rarely make their presence known.
12 Satan uses this verse in an attempt to sensationalize His ministry (Mat 4:6). Jesus does not fall for the trap, knowing that this verse speaks of spiritual protection, not protection from every physical external or self-inflicted harm.
13 Lions typically symbolize rulers, and serpents represent demons. While these may try to oppress us now, we have relief and strength from God. In the end, all the sinful things of the world will be placed under Jesus' feet. Since we will share His throne (Rev 3:21), these things will be under our feet as well.
14 When we know and love God, He returns that love by saving us from eternal condemnation and placing us in heaven with Him.
15 We should pray to God at all times. At times, He will deliver us from physical harm, but ultimately, He will deliver us from all spiritual harm. In some situations, we may be honored by people for abiding by God's principles and doing what is right, but God Himself will honor our faith in Him with an eternal place in heaven.
16 Again, living by godly principles may help us to live longer and healthier lives, but when we experience God's Salvation and resurrection, He will give us eternal life. In heaven, we will be forever satisfied in His presence by His perfect love and goodness.