Psalms 44

1 The Israelites were told several times to teach their children about Israel's past (e.g., Exo 12:24-27). The psalmist here indicates that this was true in his household.
2 They recount that God afflicted the native inhabitants of Canaan and drove them out so that He could plant Israel, as one would plant a vine.
3 History indicates that it would have been impossible for Israel to take Canaan without assistance. They did have assistance from God, and that was very apparent at Jericho and other battlegrounds.
4 God intended for Israel to acknowledge Him as their only King. Later He granted their request to appoint an earthly king (1 Sam 8:7-9), but for those devoted to God, He is our eternal king no matter who our temporary earthly rulers may be.
5 Israel recognized that only with God's help could they defend themselves from enemy attack. In the past, God had demonstrated how He could overrule powerful countries. Israel, for the most part, was not a powerful country in military might, but with God on their side, they were undefeatable.

In the Christian life we must remember that the same thing applies to us. We acknowledged that our salvation could only be realized through the death and resurrection of Jesus. As we face the battles of daily life, we must remember that we are reliant on the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us. From first until last, we must depend on God for all things.

7 God made it a special point that blessings and curses would fall upon those who blessed and cursed Israel (Gen 12:3). As Christians, we share that privileged position by faith in Israel's Messiah, Jesus. The world may mock and oppress us, but they will be put to shame on Judgement Day when they are compelled to acknowledge Him as God (Isa 45:23, Phil 2:10-11).
8 Israel knew they had no reason to boast in themselves or their own actions. Christians continue to acknowledge this today. We are unworthy and incapable on our own. Whatever victories we have are due to God working for or through us.