Psalms 43

1 The psalmist feels that he was taken away from his land unjustly. He asks God to free him from this exile and return him to his homeland.

The broader scope of the verse is the plea that those who have been falsely accused. They are unable to defend themselves, and must rely on God to see that justice is finally accomplished.

2 When we are distressed, we may feel that God has left us. The psalmist admits that God gives him strength. Without Him, the psalmist feels weak. When we are distressed and feel separated from God, it is natural to ask why this had to happen.
3 The psalmist is not looking so much for an answer to his questions as he is looking for God's truth. He longs to return to the Temple where he has felt closest to God.
4 The psalmist is one of the Temple musicians who played a harp. Whether we sing, play an instrument, or have some other ability, we should use that talent to worship and praise God.
5 God gives us comfort and peace, yet there are times when we are distressed. We need to remind each other and ourselves how much He loves us. The psalmist feels he can best praise God in the Temple. Christians are now the temple of God, so we can praise and feel close to Him at any time.