Psalms 37

1 Sometimes we become afraid for our lives when we consider the growing evil in our world and even in our neighborhoods. Even the Bible tells us that the world is corrupt and that things will get worse. Even so, we should not live in fear because we have a great God who will one day remove all evil from the world.

Sometimes we see a corrupt man who has gained wealth by stealing, lying, murder, or other crimes. It may seem that they are untouchable by the law or anything else. The money and the power might draw someone even if he despises the evil activity. Those who desire wealth and power should be very careful because they may feel that criminal activity is the fastest and easiest way to their goals. What they forget is that God despises criminal activity.

Do not follow the example of the ungodly because it will destroy your life. A so-called Christian who follows the example of the ungodly is rightly labeled as a hypocrite. Such hypocrisy gives a misleading representation of God to those who don't know Him. They, in turn, can use a bad example as an excuse not to seek Him.

2 Even if the evil do not wither and fade while they are alive on earth, they will quickly do so when they stand before God on Judgement Day (Phil 2:10).
3 We must trust in God rather than money or power (Mat 6:24). In so doing we are compelled to do what is right. We are to build homes and communities. We are to work to provide for our needs and for those under our care (Eph 4:28).
4 We are to love God and His ways. God, in turn, will give us Himself -- which is the best gift of all.
5 We can trust God because He has never lied. He has promised that those who trust in Him will be saved from the terrible punishment we all deserve as sinners. He has further promised to take away the sin of those who trust in Him. He has further promised that those who trust Him will live in perfect peace with Him after the Judgement Day. He promises that if we do what is right we will receive special honor in His eternal kingdom.
6 When we do what is right the world can not help but notice because it is so different from what they are used to. When we base our choices on the principles God gives us the world will see the wisdom of the action when desirable results are obtained.
7 God does not give us all these promises here. In fact, many Christians today suffer terrible persecution from the world because of their faith. But even in the midst of the worst circumstances we are to patiently trust in God. Even if we do not obtain justice here, God assures us that we will receive justice in the end.
8 We are not to hold grudges or lash out at others. We are also not to be anxious because it is a symptom of not trusting God. Our actions will reflect our attitude. Bad attitudes lead to sinful activities.
9 On Judgement day the ungodly will be thrown into hell and deprived of everything that can be considered good (Rev 20:14, 15). Those who trust God will live forever with Him and will share all the benefits of His perfect peace and love (Rev 21:3, 4).
10 After Judgement Day evil will be completely confined to hell and will no longer be able to affect anyone who has trusted in God.
11 Those who have submitted to God will inherit everything good that God has given us.

The use of the term "land" here, along with several other passages, seems to indicate that our eternal life with God will be in a physical world.

12 It is odd to think that there are people who really hate those who do what is right, even to the point of wanting them dead. Evil people think that by removing or muting God's representatives that they are free to do whatever they please.
13 But God scornfully mocks at evil's pitiful attempts to destroy what is good. Yes, God is saddened when righteous people suffer, but He knows that He will raise them from the dead. Evil people may think they have triumphed over the righteous or even over God, but on Judgement Day, God will pass final judgement on them.
15 The irony should not be lost here. With every wicked act, the evil person only amasses more evidence that he is evil. What he considers his profit now will prove to be his undoing on Judgement Day.