Psalms 24

1 God made everything. Thus, it belongs to Him. He has the right to expect that all creation serve and relate to Him in the manner He desires. This is not limited to Israel. God made all people and holds everyone to the same standard.
3 While the imagery is of one worshiping in the Temple, it extends to the eternal dwelling place of God.
4 This is a short list of some of the characteristics of a person accepted by God. The idea is that the outward activity of a person is a reflection of what they are "really" like on the inside. The godly man will act appropriately in physical, relational, and spiritual matters.
5 The implication is that the worshiper trusts in God to save him from sin, not his own actions. This view is commended by God.
6 When we approach God in worship we should do so with a heart dedicated to doing what pleases Him. This was God's purpose for Israel. Now that Christians are co-heirs of the promise of Abraham, we share this responsibility.