Psalms 18

30 These are three profound statements that all work together. If God were not perfect, then His Word (i.e., the Bible) would fail testing. If He were not perfect, we could not trust Him to protect us.

Those who attack the Faith often rely on casting doubt on the latter statements. However, in the first instance, there has never been a scientific or historical discrepancy found within the Bible, despite centuries of attack. The second one may seem harder to defend since Christians all over the world suffer and die every day. It is important to remember that even within the context of this passage, David had been persecuted and chased by Saul. There are instances where God miraculously intervenes, but other times Christians suffer as non-believers would in the same circumstances. The main difference, though, is in the spiritual realm. Attacks from the world can not endanger a Christian's eternal salvation. Thus, whether or not God shields a person from a worldly attack, He will always shield them from spiritual attacks.

31 There is only one God, and He is permanent and stable.