Psalms 15

2 The one who is close to God is marked by good deeds on the outside and good thoughts on the inside.
3 A godly man will treat those around him respectfully and encourage others to do the same. He would not trick, harm, or lie to his neighbor.
4 A godly man treats everyone with respect, but this does not mean that he does not distinguish between good and evil behavior. Those who do what is wrong should be discouraged from continuing their evil ways. On the other hand, special recognition should be given to those who do what is right.

A godly man should do what he has promised to do, even if it turns out to be harder than he originally thought.

5 Loans at this time were to be used to help the poor. Thus, it was not pleasing to God for a man to charge interest on a loan which is intended to help. Interest makes it harder for a man to pay back what he owes.

A wicked man will attempt to bribe a judge to convict innocent people. A godly man will not take such a bribe. People in persuasive positions need to be careful that their judgment on matters is not clouded by favors or threats.