Proverbs 28

9 Those who reject God's ways should not be surprised when God ignores their selfish demands disguised as prayers.
10 Those who entice a righteous man to sin will inherit a double penalty -- for his own sins, and for the sins of the one he mislead. Those who remain obedient to God will suffer for neither their own sins nor the sins of others.
11 Wealth can give the illusion of wisdom.
12 Godly people (and others) rejoice in a society that is free, safe, and just. When a society or community is run by wicked and violent people, the civilian population will hide in fear.
13 Covering up sin takes time and effort that could otherwise be channeled into productive activities. If someone is caught, he may attempt to hide his sins by passing the blame or paying blackmail. Neither is ultimately helpful, and in the end, the sin is usually revealed anyway. The sinner is then condemned both for the sin and for the cover-up. If a person commits a sin and confesses it, his reputation may be ruined by the sin, but the ruin will not be compounded with an exposed cover-up.
14 He who follows God, obeys, and repents when he fails will find eternal happiness. Those who stubbornly refuse to obey God will guarantee a disaster for themselves on Judgement Day.