Proverbs 22

6 By the time a child is two or three years old he has already developed his basic personality. It is vital that parents begin to train their children early age to make wise choices, interact properly with peers, respect authority, seek God, and so much more. As the child grows into an adult his character solidifies and it becomes very difficult to change.

Some parents say that they will not train their child spiritually because they want the child to "make his own choice." This is a dangerous position that has eternal consequences for the child. It is true that the child must ultimately make his own choice about following spiritual matters, but if the parents or other role models never tell him about God, then the child will have no choice to make.

If a child is raised poorly there may be little hope of him developing into a man who pleases God. But even if a child is raised properly, he is likely to stray from godly teaching at some point in his life. Then something will usually happen to help him realize that ungodly living is wrong and he will then take steps to turn back to God.

24 I have heard it said that you could tell who a man is by looking at his friends. Humans tend to emulate those they admire and respect. We may choose to become friends with someone despite their temper, but such a relationship can be disastrous to our on character. Unfortunately, it is easier to corrupt good character than to undefile bad character. Even if his character is not corrupted one might become a victim of such a friend's anger. If you want to get burned, stand close to the fire.