Proverbs 17

1 The enjoyment of a meal can not be based on the quality or quantity of food alone. If there is anger and fighting at the table then no one even tastes the meal. But if the diners are eating in peace and love then even meager food is enjoyed.
2 When children are young they need a baby-sitter to keep them in line. If a child never "grows up" then they will always need a chaperone to keep them out of trouble. If a servant was pleasing to his master the master could adopt him and make the servant an equal among the sons of the master (see Gen 15:2-3).
3 Precious metals must be heated to very high temperatures to purify them. In schools the teachers test students to measure knowledge and encourage the students to learn their material well. Similarly, God allows us to be tested by the trials of life measure and purify our spirits. When we see where we succeed and fail we can better determine what needs work and when we can move on to deeper subjects.
4 Evil people tend to feed on those things that will encourage them to be more evil.
5 All people a created in the image of God. When we mock people we disparage the image of God. The poor are a special case in God's eyes because they have nothing to protect them. When someone suffers a calamity it is not right for others to be glad at his loss or mock him, even if he "deserved" it. Both these cases show how people who lack love and respect for others act, and this offends God.

As Christians, we need to display God's love to all people. When people are at rock bottom they tend to be more responsive to God's love for them. If those who are helped then turn to God then they will be saved by their own choice. But even if people do not turn to God we should still show them the love of God because this pleases Him.

6 Grandparents dote over their grandchildren and enjoy watching them grow and prosper. They are happy to know that they have raised children well so that they are able to raise their own children. The grandchild is also seen as the extension of the family lifeline. Even though the grandfather is near death, he still "lives" in a sense through his grandchildren.

The children are often treated in respect to their parents' reputations. If the parents are good citizens then the community often treats the children well. If the parents are considered lazy and wicked then the children will not be trusted either. When parents raise their children well and maintain good reputations themselves the whole family prospers.

27 In an emotionally charged situation a wise man will be very cautious about speaking. He certainly does not want to make the situation worse, and will need to choose words well if he wants to defuse a volatile issue. If he can keep a level head he will think properly even in an emergency situation. These are the kind of people who make good and respectable leaders.