Proverbs 15

1 In emotionally charged situations people's responses tend to magnify. A gentle, caring answer usually calms people down. A harsh, indifferent, or critical answer usually will make an upset person even angrier.
2 A wise person's words will encourage other people to think. A foolish person will throw out cliches and worthless advice.
18 If a hot-tempered man wants his own way he will say or do anything to rally other people to his cause. Such actions can cause disputes within neighborhoods or town, or in a worse case escalate into bloody wars. Many lives have been lost because of hot-tempered men.

by contrast, the cool-headed man will initiate negotiations and attempt to solve problems by diplomacy. If both sides remain reasonable then the dispute can be settled.

23 When someone gives another good advice that is followed, both benefit from the outcome. The caring advice giver wants what is best for the advisee and is happy when those they have counseled succeed. If you have ever had a friend who knew how to say the right thing at the right time then you know how comforting that is. We should also seek to be such friends.
25 The proud man who feels he does not need God will lose everything when God judges him. Widows are often left with little or nothing. If she has faith in God, she will have an inheritance in heaven.
26 The wicked man may say nice things, but God knows his thoughts, and they disgust him. Those who have pure and godly minds always please God by what they say.
27 This proverb concerns a judge whose decisions are swayed more by money than by evidence. If he is exposed, his family name will be tainted. Even if he is not exposed, his family may follow his lead. When God judges a bad family, no one will be spared.
28 A wise person will try to gain a deep understanding behind a question and will attempt to guess what the possible outcomes of various answers might be. If this is a court case, for instance, the righteous man will answer truthfully, but he wants to use words that will convey what really happened, and words that will not be misunderstood.

An evil person will talk just to talk. He is one who does not listen to the question and does not care about the outcome of his speaking. In a court case he may say anything to get off the hook or convict someone else. If asked a question of advice he will give irrelevant or indifferent advice just to get rid of the other person.

29 Wicked people may pray, but God does not honor their selfish requests. The only prayer He will listen to from a wicked man is a sincere prayer of repentance. This opens the door to righteousness. The transformed man will always have God's attentive ear.
30 Good news always makes people feel better.
31 The "rebuke of life" may refer to the call to repentance from sins. Anyone who turns from sin to God is wise in His eyes.
32 If someone refuses to be corrected, he will not only keep making the same mistakes, but also he will more likely do worse things.
33 God knows all things. Thus, true wisdom comes from honoring God and listening to Him.

Being humble before God and man brings true honor. Some "great" men may attempt to gain honor by force, money, or fame; but this kind of honor does not last, especially in the eyes of God.