Proverbs 14

17 A quick-tempered man can't help but act foolishly. He reacts immediately without thought of why the situation came about, how to handle it now, and what are the possible outcomes. Impulsively, the quick-tempered man will say or do anything to protect himself and extricate himself from the situation.

A crafty man is an angry man, but his is a slow and calculated burn. This is a man who patiently waits and plans, but his fault is that he does not know how to handle his anger. He is not working towards a real solution, he is working towards revenge which will only make a bad situation worse.

A foolish man commits "crimes of passion," but a crafty man commits premeditated crimes. Most people consider the second man worse since he had spent time thinking about the problem, but he is working on a selfish solution, not one that really solves the problem.

18 You do not have to do anything to inherit foolishness, but to be crowned with knowledge takes work.
29 A patient man will try to understand why a situation is developing and attempt to find a way to defuse the problem. A quick-tempered man does not attempt to understand his circumstances or plan how issues might be resolved. Instead, he impulsively does whatever it takes to shift blame or escape the situation without solving it. An understanding man tries to solve problems, but a quick-tempered response will usually make matters worse.

When we look at situation comedies on TV we see that the majority of funny situations arise because the characters jump to conclusions rather than try to figure out what is really going on. This really shows well the folly of hasty decision making. The show usually concludes with all the facts being revealed. The hasty person feels embarrassed along with the innocent people involved, but they all have a good laugh and come back next week to do the same thing again. Fortunately, in real life most people learn quicker than that, but as wise people we want to gather all the facts before we touch off a "comedy of errors."