Proverbs 12

16 I once had a friend who immediately brought every little offense to my attention. Even the smallest and most innocent action would blow up into an issue that would put our relationship in jeopardy. Of course, that relationship could not, and did not, last very long. It is unfortunate because that man has many other good spiritual qualities.

A wise man will overlook even genuine offenses to preserve peace and work towards a real solution. Waiting patiently also allows for the situation to change or for the offender to see his mistake and apologize. Patience also allows the wise man to choose words carefully and give a response that will focus on the problem.

18 We have all met people who will speak and criticize everyone they meet. They may say they "honestly speak their mind," but this is not a virtue when the criticism is non-constructive. These critics leave emotionally wounded people in their wake and don't care to do anything to help them. The wise man, however, cares about people and will only speak to a problem if he honestly feels he can help.