Proverbs 9

1 Wisdom is not simply an abstract philosophy. Wisdom builds and shapes. Seven is a number representing perfection and completeness.
2 Wisdom prepares. Wisdom works to meet her needs and makes sure everything is done properly.
3 Wisdom wants to share wisdom with others. Wisdom calls everyone.
4 Before we can gain wisdom, we must recognize that we are not wise.
6 To be wise we must leave foolishness.
7 A scoffer is someone who does not honor or recognize authority. A scoffer delights in pointing out (or making up) faults in people, but he does nothing to solve any problems. A wicked man is one who does not fear God. Neither accepts any kind of correction. They feel that they are good enough, or even that they can dictate what is right and wrong.
8 A scoffer takes correction as a personal insult. What he does not realize is that listening to correction will actually make him a better and more respected person. A wise man not only uses correction to his betterment, but he will appreciate and love the one correcting him.
9 A "wise" person knows he is not experienced in every situation, so a he increases his wisdom by listening to others. A godly man does not know everything, so he actively learns from others who struggle with righteousness so he can make better proactive and reactive decisions.
10 Since God created all things, all things are accountable to Him. Thus, true wisdom is submitting to His authority. It is unwise to ignore God or be determined to do tings your own way. To truly understand the material and spiritual worlds, you must learn about God. Those who do not seek to know God try to create their own reality. However, God is real whether people want to believe Him or not.
11 In the physical world, a wise person will certainly live longer than one who foolishly puts himself in danger, but the greater significance is that the wise will live forever with God after his life here has ended.
12 Wisdom is really a personal choice. God will hold you accountable for the choices you make.
13 Have you ever listened to someone who had nothing to say, but said it anyway? Even worse is someone who is loud and obnoxious spouting off dogmatic nonsense.
14 In contrast to Wisdom, Foolishness is lazy. The "high places" probably refers to the locations of pagan shrines. However, the next verse indicates that all kinds of people pass by her, so the high places are also strategic locations. She can call out to all kinds of people without having to put forth much effort. Those who frequent high places would not only have more exposure to her call but would also be more likely to accept her invitation.
15 Foolishness will also tempt those who are doing what is right.
16 This first call is the same as Wisdom's. It is not so much the call that is important, but who is making it. Thus, when answering a call, we must be discerning enough to know whether it is a good path to go on or not.
17 Foolishness does not want to work for food or drink, she would rather steal it. A thief may get a rush when he feels he has got away with doing wrong, but...
18 Justice will sooner or later be rendered sooner or later. Those who turn away from God to follow Foolishness will have death after death when they are forever separated from Him.