Proverbs 2

1 To obtain wisdom, you must desire to have it. Wisdom should be like a treasure -- kept safe and fond over.
2 Again, obtaining wisdom requires effort.
3 The search for wisdom can be an agonizing and grueling search.
4 Finding wisdom may not be easy.
5 The end result of the search for wisdom is a relationship with God. There is no greater treasure that one can obtain.
6 The reason why the search for wisdom ends with God is because God posses all knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.
7 God has a "storehouse" of wisdom that he wants to give to His people. He will also protect His people from "false" and "worldly" wisdom.
8 God is also the ultimate administrator of justice. Even if His people receive unjust treatment from the world, He will make sure that they will receive justice at the end of the ages. Even if the world abuses God's people and kills them, He will bring them back to life and thus "preserve" them.
9 When someone knows God, it is easy for him to see what is right and wrong.
10 Gaining wisdom can be an agonizing search, but when it is obtained, the innermost part of the man is pleased and comforted.
11 God's wisdom will protect us in all kinds of situations.
12 When you have God's wisdom you can not be tricked into doing things that offend God (i.e., sin).
16 One of the most common ways evil men attempt to trick the good into doing evil is by enticing them with sexual indulgences.

A prostitute is running an immoral business. Her wages are based on how many men she can entice. Since she is loosed from any moral convictions, she is willing to say anything. Flattery are positive comments about someone (either true or untrue) for the purpose of manipulating someone else.

17 Many prostitutes are unmarried women, but there are other women who are or were married. This is a very serious situation because a marriage is a promise made before God that has been broken. A sinful person wants to multiply sin in other people. Thus, the woman who has compromised her marriage encourages others to compromise their own marriages. Perhaps to a certain extent this would help them "justify" their own behavior. However, God is not fooled by such thinking, and neither is the wise man.
18 The ultimate end for those who indulge in sin is death, which is eternal separation from God.
19 When one starts down a path of sin, it is difficult to turn back. Fortunately, God can reverse this downward spiral.
20 The wise man is one who will stay on the path of righteousness and stay away from the paths recommended by the world.
21 Again, God is just and will make sure that the righteous will have a good inheritance.
22 However, the wicked will ultimately be uprooted from a good inheritance.