Proverbs 1

8 It is wise for a child to listen to and obey his parents. Parents have experience and knowledge that can help the child. If the parents have destructive or ungodly behaviors, the child will need to learn how to distinguish between right and wrong.
9 Children who practice the good things that their parents teach them will be noticed the same way as one who wears a crown and expensive jewelry.
10 The world is full of all kinds of sin, so an important lesson for children to learn is how to avoid participating in sinful behavior.
11 Solomon here uses an extreme example of a group of bandits. This example might get our attention, but it is harder to resist those sinful enticements that occur in normal life.
13 Greed can lead to all kinds of evil. It is particularly hideous that people would desire to kill others for their possessions. This is an extreme of selfishness.

Entertainment today often gives us a glamorous picture of such activity or will try to get the audience to sympathize with a "bad guy." We should not be fooled by this. When we sin, we are accountable to the laws and to God.

14 Sharing is a false promise among the greedy. If a person desires to steal and kill, he can not be trusted to respect the property and lives of his partners in crime. Evil and selfishness are very destructive, and a greedy person will stop at nothing to get as much as he can.
17 We should have more sense than to step into a trap that we saw being set up.
18 Yet, those who steal and kill do not see that they are in a trap. Their desire is to build themselves up, but in the end, they destroy themselves. Whether or not they are killed, betrayed, or brought to justice on earth, they will have to face God when they die. An irony that they do not see is that they spend their whole lives gaining possessions, only to leave them behind when they die.