Philippians 2

2 Like-mindedness is everyone in a Christian group coming together with the same goals of relationship with and obedience to Jesus. This helps them plan, work together, and act as a support group.

Some people accuse Christianity as being some kind of mind control of the pastor over the flock. The flock then blindly does whatever the pastor commands. Yes, this happens in cults that claim to be Christian, but in true Christianity focuses on Jesus, not on a person.

3 Each person has different talents and gifts given to them by God. In our human way of thinking, we might consider the person with leadership and spiritual teaching skills (e.g., a pastor) to be more important than other Christians are. In God's eyes, each Christian was a sinner that was saved by Jesus' sacrifice. A true Christian leader does not seek the more visible roles because he thinks he is better than others are, but because he wants to be a servant for others.
4 Pride and selfishness are prime ingredients in sin. Christians can avoid this problem by loving others. This means we must "sacrifice" our time and interests occasionally for the betterment of others.
5 Jesus is equal in authority with the Father, but He gave all that up for a while to save people from the dreadful consequences of sin. Jesus gave up His very life for us. The resurrected Jesus continues to give us blessings. Following His example, we should likewise do whatever we can to help others.
6 The first phrase, the Greek words indicate that the very essence and nature of Jesus is that of God. The second phrase emphasizes that Jesus does not weaken or take anything away from God since He is a co-equal part of the Godhead.
7 Jesus made Himself a "slave" to His creation for their sake.
8 Jesus gave up the splendor and glory of heaven for a while to take on the shape of a man. He was obedient to the Father's plan of salvation for people, even to the point of the excruciating and humiliating death on the cross.
9 Jesus' unexcelled love proves that He is fit to be King over the universe.
10 On Judgement Day, everyone will recognize and honor Jesus' right to rule. For Christians, this is a continuation of our eternal relationship with Him. For the unbeliever, it is the acknowledgement that Jesus has the just authority to condemn them.
11 When we honor Jesus, we honor the Father.