Philippians 1

9 As we learn more about God, we will increase in love for one another. This is not "blind" love, but it is tempered with knowledge and understanding. We are to act wisely. Each person has his own needs, and love will take the time to find out what they are and how best fulfil them. A loving person will defer a need to someone who can fulfill it better than he can. Even the most loving person can not fulfill every need for one other person, much less for everyone. It takes discernment for a loving person to do the most good with what he has.
10 A loving person must use discernment to prevent being taken in by people with evil intent. As children of God, we are to hate sin. We are to confront evil and expose it for what it is. We want to show people the love of Christ, but if a situation tempts us to do evil, we are to run away from it, and let God handle it some other way. Not everyone will respond properly to God's love. Some will fight it, and some will try to take advantage of it. We are entrusted with the stewardship of the Gospel and whatever possessions God has granted us. We must use both to His best advantage, which will, in turn, help the most people come to know Him.