Numbers 9

15 Moses reminds them that on the day the tabernacle was completed, God's glory filled it (Exo 40:34-38).
16 The pillar of cloud and fire had remained over the tabernacle for the forty years that the Israelites wandered. There was never any doubt that God was with them.
17 The pillar of cloud and fire had signaled when it was time to move and when it was time to settle.
18 Again, there was no mistaking that the movement of the cloud was at God's command.
21 The people of God should be prepared to follow and obey God no matter what hour of the day He leads them.
22 The constant moving and settling may have been tedious at times, but this was God's way of teaching them obedience. Once they entered the Promised Land, the Israelites would not be required to move any more.

Spiritually, this life here on earth can be uncertain and unsettling. However, we can easily endure it when we consider that in eternity we will remain with God and have a permanent home in New Jerusalem.

23 God used the cloud to signal times of moving. God also used Moses to command the Israelites in more complicated matters. God did not speak to the people directly, but He used Moses as an intermediary.