Matthew 26

37 During this time of distress, Jesus wants His three closest friends nearby.
38 Jesus was very distressed about what He was about to endure. Jesus did not become anxious, but prayed to the Father. Our relationship with Him is very comforting.

Jesus asked the disciples to watch with Him. The most obvious application was that they were supposed to pray with Him. It is comforting when you know your friends are praying with you.

Another possible application is that the disciples were supposed to keep watch as a guard would. Those who were going to arrest Jesus were probably on the way, and it is not good to be surprised by the enemy. The disciples, it seems, did not have any idea what was about to happen.

39 Jesus did not want to undergo the crucifixion because of the physical and spiritual pain involved. Roman crucifixion is thought to be the cruelest form of death. During the crucifixion, Jesus would be separated from the Father as He bore the sins of the world. The latter would prove to be more painful than the former.

However, Jesus knows that the crucifixion was why He came. God loves people so much that He was willing to go to this extreme to establish a relationship with them. Jesus would go through this to abide by God's will. He would not attempt to escape it.

40 The disciples were not very good centuries. A Roman soldier would have been killed for falling asleep at his post, but the disciples were not up to the task. It had been a long day, and they could not even muster enough strength to stay awake for an hour to be with their friend and teacher.
41 As a general principle, the best way to avoid temptation is to see it coming, and pray about it. Jesus recognizes the dilemma Christians have when they want to do what is right, but they feel overwhelmed by their fleshly desires. Jesus was dealing with this now (except that it was not a struggle with sin He was engaged in). His Spirit wanted to complete God's task, but His flesh did not want to endure what was about to happen. Fortunately for us, Jesus' Spirit was much stronger than His flesh.

Obviously, the words that are recorded here were heard by the disciples before they fell asleep.

42 If there were any other way to bring salvation to people, Jesus would have preferred it. However, to save us from punishment, He would endure it for us.
45 Although the disciples were not keeping watch, Jesus knew exactly what was to happen, and would not be caught off guard. This would be His last hour of freedom until the Resurrection.
46 In fact, Judas, the betrayer, was approaching the garden right then.