Matthew 13

30 It was noted in a sermon I listened to on 2008-07-20 that, while many Christians have taken it upon themselves to decide who they allow in their congregations, it will be the job of the angels (implied here) to sort out people at the end of time. We must remember that only God can truly discern the motives of the heart, and accurately judge who is fit for His Kingdom. The Church should be a welcoming place for all who want to be there. It is true that there are Biblical instructions to excommunicate those who are destructive and unrepentant, but this does not include the prejudicial, unjust, and selective barring of members that occurs frequently these days.
55 Joseph's absence from this list is conspicuous. It is most likely that he died sometime before Jesus began His ministry. Some denominations hold that Mary was forever a virgin. This verse along with Gal 1:19 and 1 Cor 9:5 seems to clearly indicate that Jesus had siblings.
57 There is a cliche that says, "familiarity breeds contempt." Jesus was not accepted as a prophet (much less the Messiah) among those He grew up with because they considered Him ordinary. How could He now suddenly be a great spiritual leader?
58 God can easily work in the lives of those who believe He is capable. He has proven that He can forcibly work though an unbeliever's life, but that was not the purpose of Jesus' ministry. Since the people could not see Jesus as a healer or a prophet, they would not believe He was capable of doing the things they had heard about. Thus, they did not come to Him for healing.