Mark 14

33 Jesus knew what He was about to suffer, and it distressed Him greatly.
34 When one is distressed, he can often find comfort in simply having caring people around him.
35 If there were any other way to save people from the consequences of sin, God would have done it. However, the only way was to have a perfect sacrifice, and Jesus, God's Son, was that sacrifice.
36 It would have been possible to prevent the crucifixion, but then people would have no hope of being saved from sin. It was possible to save people from the consequences of sin, but it required that Jesus follow through with God's plan. Thus, all things are possible, but in some situations, not all the possibilities can happen at the same time.
37 Everyone had a long day with the Passover meal, the hard lessons that Jesus tried to teach them, talk of betrayal, and now the seemingly inexplicable sorrow that Jesus was expressing in prayer. Therefore, while Jesus prayed, the disciples were overcome with sleep.
38 The disciples did not want to disappoint Jesus, but they were (seemingly) not physically able to do what they were asked. They were on the verge of an event that would change spiritual history forever, and yet they could not find the resources to stay awake.
39 In the midst of spiritual struggles, we sometimes need to revisit a topic in prayer even when we already know the answer.
40 It was very embarrassing to be caught sleeping again.
41 Even if the disciples were not prepared for what was about to happen, Jesus was prepared. Sleeping disciples would not stop God's plan for salvation. However, the lesson is clear that God prefers that His people be actively involved in His plans.
42 Part of keeping watch is looking out for enemies. The disciples were not able to do this effectively, but since Jesus already knew what was going to happen, He was not caught unaware or unprepared.