Mark 11

1 Jesus arrived at Bethphage on Friday and spent Saturday night in Bethany (John 12:1). Bethany was two miles from Jerusalem.
2 While Jesus was in Bethany, Jesus asked two disciples to return to Bethphage and bring back the colt. Jesus may have seen the colt the day before or He may have known about it through divine knowledge.
3 It seems unusual that the disciples would not ask for permission first. The need was so urgent that Jesus may not have wanted the disciples to spent time looking for the owner first. He knew the owner would find them. The disciples would give a short answer, and the owner would be satisfied.
6 The fact that the colt was released into the disciple's custody so readily is probably an indication of Jesus' popularity, and the people's trust that the colt would be returned as promised.
7 When royalty went on parade, it was common to dress their horses in fine fabric dyed in bright colors. The colored outer garments would have a similar symbolic affect for Jesus riding the colt.
8 In addition, the people made a royal carpet out of their garments and leaves from nearby palm trees.
9 "Hosanna" means, "please save." While originally a cry for help, it had also become a word of acclamation (Psa 118:25). The second phrase used comes from Psa 118:26, and was sung during the Passover.
10 In this verse, the people are proclaiming Jesus as the coming Messiah. Most probably expected that Jesus would immediately establish His kingdom and save them from Roman rule.
11 Jesus took a thorough tour of the temple and then returned to Bethany for the evening.