Luke 11

5 Friends are people we feel we can count on in a crisis. This often is an inconvenience to the friend being asked to help, and even a close friend might be reluctant to act. The helping friend must make a choice whether or not to change his own schedule, comfort, and resource allocation.
8 We hope that our friends will help us simply because we are friends, but sometimes it takes some coaxing to get the help we need from them. When the reluctant friend remembers the joy he has in a friendship he will change his mind and be generous to his friend in need.
10 Jesus becomes a friend to us when we trust and obey Him. He wants us to provide us with both our basic physical needs and eternal spiritual gifts. It may seem like it takes a long time for God to respond to our prayers, but everything works out best when it is done in His timing.
11 See commentary on Mat 7:9-11.
13 God wants us to ask for things that will truly benefit us. Selfish and harmful prayers are generally ignored. However, God is eager to provide whatever we ask for that will help our relationship with Him and the building up of His kingdom. The Holy Spirit provides people with understanding, comfort, strength, and direction. God provides the Holy Spirit to all Christians, but sometimes we are not willing to have the Spirit work in our lives. We must therefore seek His will and ask Him to help us let the Spirit work within us.