Judges 16

18 There are times when you can tell when someone has told the truth about something, even if they had lied before.
19 Now did Samson not believe that Delilah would cut his hair after her other attempts to subdue him?
20 One final time Delilah wakes Samson. He thinks it is another joke, but is surprised to find out that he has lost all his strength.

Samson's hair was the visible symbol of God's presence. Samson was so used to being strong that he may have come to believe that it was his body that was strong. He now found out that he was indeed as weak as any other man was. The only thing that made him so strong was God's presence.

21 What Samson thought was going to be a playful game with his wife ended in terrible tragedy. The last thing he would ever see was Delilah's face as she betrayed him. He was immediately imprisoned, but was still strong enough to grind grain.

It is sad that we often need to be careful about revealing our weaknesses in this sinful world. A trustworthy confidant will be supportive and truly helpful, but a traitor can betray us when we least expect it. What makes Samson's situation even worse is that the traitor turned out to be his wife.

24 If you want to goad God, try idol worship. If you really want to make Him mad, praise that idol for overthrowing one of His representatives.
25 In their drunken arrogance they decide to mock and humiliate Samson publicly.
28 Even though Samson now had hair again, he knew that his great strength did not come from the hair, but from God.
30 God had already judged the Philistines and sentenced them to execution for their pagan practices. God had appointed Samson to be the executioner, and this would be his largest work. In a dramatic twist of irony, God strikes the Philistines during their pagan celebration and uses the very man they thought could no longer defeat them.