Joshua 1

1 Joshua's relationship with God was very good. God spoke directly to Joshua, probably in the tabernacle, as He had done with Moses.
2 God confirms that Moses had died. Joshua and the people were to cease mourning and begin focusing on the Promised Land. Joshua was Israel's leader now, and he was to begin leading.
3 Joshua had been one of the twelve spies that originally explored the Promised Land. God now promises Joshua that he will indeed conquer all the land he explored (Num 13:21-25).
5 This must have been a great encouragement. God would be with Joshua always, and he would never be defeated as long as he stayed with God. The only instance when Israel was defeated under Joshua's leadership was at the battle of Ai after the sin of Achan (Josh 7).
7 Twice God encourages Joshua to be strong and courageous. The enormity and significance of the task ahead must have weighed heavily on Joshua, but God would help him through it. One source of help would be the books of the Law that Moses had written (i.e., the first five books of the Bible). If Joshua was careful to follow the ordinances of God, and not repeat the mistakes of the people recorded, he would be successful in whatever he did.
8 God commands Joshua to meditate on the precepts of the Law constantly. In knowing and following the Law, Joshua would please God and have success in life. The Bible is where God had recorded His desires for people. The Bible also contains many examples of what we should and should not do as people of God. If we want to please God, we too will carefully study and apply the principles spelled out in the pages of the Bible. There is much practical advice from God that will make us successful in both the physical and spiritual realms. We should read from the Bible every day and apply what we learn to every situation that we encounter.
9 Joshua would face difficult situations and significant obstacles, but he was not to be discouraged by them. God is bigger than any problem we will ever face. He can give us the strength to do His will no matter what the circumstances are. We only have to trust completely in Him.
11 Having been given orders to move on Joshua gives the people three days notice. This would be a complete lifestyle change. They would turn from nomads into settled people in just a few years.
13 These tribes desired the land east of the Jordan, and rejected the Promised Land before they even saw it. Although it was displeasing to God, He allowed them to live with their choice with the condition that they lead the battles that their brother tribes would fight in the Promised Land. Once the Land was taken, these tribes could return to the homes they had already settled to this point (Num 32). These tribes were now coming forward to accept this responsibility.
14 The western tribes would have their families and livestock to take care of as the armies advanced around the country. The eastern tribes' families would stay in the houses they had settled in on the east side of the Jordan. This would probably encourage the eastern tribes to make sure that the Promised Land was taken quickly.