Jeremiah 31

31 God is predicting the day when the Mosaic Law will be replaced with a better promise. Jesus would fulfill the ritual requirements of the Mosaic Law. The new covenant is faith in Jesus. Those who put their faith in Him will be credited with obeying the ritual requirements of the Mosaic Law through the acts of Jesus.
32 The first difficulty with the Mosaic Law was that it was impossible for sinful people to keep all the legal requirements. The second problem was that it was possible to obey most of the physical laws without faith in God (e.g., there are many ungodly people who have never murdered anyone). Israel promised herself to God as a bride to a husband, but she proved to be unfaithful. Thus, the old covenant was broken and God needed to replace it with one that could not be broken.
33 The new covenant would not consist of laws engraved in stone. The new covenant would involve the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit will teach and guide all who have placed their faith in Jesus. In this way, we can establish the intimate relationship with God that was intended from the beginning.
34 Christians do not need to remind each other to know God, because the Holy Spirit dwells in each one of us. It does not matter whether we appear to be great either in the worldly way or spiritually. When we place our faith in Jesus, He takes away our sins forever and He establishes a permanent relationship with us.