Jeremiah 17

5 People turn their back on God when they depend on their strength, influence, money, or anything else other than God. Turning from God means turning from what is right, and this brings God's judgment.
6 This is one of the milder depictions of hell. Hell will feature isolation and the lack of anything good with no hope of change.
7 God gladly shares His loving kindness with those who depend on Him. Christians get a taste of it here, but the full reward will be given when Jesus comes again and removes every evil.
8 The Christian is able to tap into the spiritual world and find strength even when having trouble on earth. When we depend on God, we can produce the kinds of fruits that please Him (Gal 5:22-23).
9 Many scientists today are trying to find physical causes for why people behave the way they do. For instance, It is becoming popular to blame bad or unusual behavior on genetics. What they refuse to believe is that we have inherited the sinful nature from Adam. This is not something that can be examined scientifically. Even when a man examines his own life he is baffled by some of the choices he has made.

Many people want to believe that men are "basically good," but the Bible makes it clear that our hearts are wicked. We are not without hope, though. Jesus dies for our wicked hearts. When we believe in Him, He begins to clean evil out of our hearts and replace it with good.

10 People can come up with all kinds of excuses for bad behavior. They might be able to fool others, but they can not fool God. He can search a man's heart and find the root causes of someone's actions.

If we are willing, we can ask God to show us those things that displease Him so that we can work with Him to change our ways. We can also ask God to put good into our hearts. When Judgement Day comes, God will find the good that He put there and be pleased.

11 Riches can not save a man from death or the judgement of God. If a man spends all his time amassing wealth, he will one day be humiliated for his shortsightedness. If not during his lifetime, he will be humiliated before the throne of God when he finds out that he should have been trusting in Him rather than his riches.