Isaiah 59

1 God's continuous presence is not obvious to the casual observer. Atheists use naturalistic reasoning to explain away the most obvious miracles. They are quite comfortable ignoring God's more subtle work because it seems to them to have little impact whether they believe or not. Deists believe in God, but they feel that after the Creation He left the world to its own devices and does not interact with it often, if at all. Even those who believe that God is omniscient and omnipotent occasionally feel that God is far away. Is God so subtle that we can not see His work even when we are looking at it? No.
2 God is constantly interacting with all of His creation. It is our sin that keeps us from seeing and appreciating His work. In our sin, we credit His work to "natural forces" or idols that people devise. In our sin, we ask for inappropriate things that do not glorify God or benefit us.

This does not mean that the godly person will not have difficulties and hardships. It means that in those difficult times he will know that God is there and faithful to His promises.

3 One need not be guilty of all these sins to become spiritually separated from God. Acts of sin range in severity, but even the smallest sin is enough to separate one from God. Sin is both the cause and symptom of separation from God.
4 Apathy is also a sin. Evil can become so prevalent that it seems useless to fight it. However, even against insurmountable odds, godly people must take a stand for what is right.

In modern culture, truth is considered to be relative. This usually means that "truth" is measured by one's own experience. What may be truth to one person may not be truth to another. "Absolute truth" is a byword since relativists feel there are no truths that are universally applicable to all people for all time. In secular science, truth is relative to the latest theory or discovery. What is dogmatically defended as fact one day may be discarded the next when new information is found or a new theory is developed.

When relativism meets apathy in an ungodly society, sins multiply. Lies to a relativist are easy because truth is whatever they say it is. If someone can get enough people to believe a lie, it is then considered a truth. For the same reasons, sin becomes easier as people become jaded to its affects. In an apathetic society, sins proliferate without hindrance.

5 Sinful acts are compared to poisonous snakes and spiders.
6 Many people sin just for the pleasure they can derive from it. In the end, however, sin is a waste of time and money, gives no long-term benefits to the offender, and tends to exacerbate problems that already existed. A sinful act may result in financial or physical gain, but overall it is not productive.
7 Sins become easier as one continues to practice them. Some people get to the point where they will seek out sins to commit because they are looking for a new thrill or challenge. They do not care who they hurt or how much destruction results. Even murder becomes easy. Sadly, murder can sometimes become someone's first choice for "solving problems." Even worse, some people derive a perverse pleasure from murder and other heinous crimes.
8 Sinful people may claim they want peace and justice, but that usually means they want it on their own terms. Since their terms are based on ungodly and selfish principles, they will never know the true peace that comes from God alone.
9 Again, people who look for mental or spiritual enlightenment on their own terms will not find the true light that comes from God alone. Every philosophy that is not centered on God is darkness by comparison. Those who follow ungodly philosophies will not know where they are or where they are going.
10 A life separated from God is a desperate and anxious life.
11 A life separated from God is a sad and hopeless life.
12 God knows all the sins and transgressions of every person.
15 It can be frightening to live in a world where the truth is ignored and godly people can become easy victims of evil people. Such conditions are displeasing to God.
16 Even the best of people can not stem the rising tide of evil. Since all people are contaminated with sin, there is not even one who qualified to become a savior and intercessor. Thus, God had to take the initiative Himself to provide salvation to the world. This salvation would come about with the incarnation of Jesus.