Isaiah 57

15 There is no one or anything greater than God is. Great people on earth are often selfish, but God is always giving. He delights in those who submit to Him and who, like Him, unselfishly give of themselves to others.
16 We are all born with a selfish and sinful nature. If God could never forgive us, there would be no hope.
17 God does punish sin and will distance Himself from the "hardened" sinner.
18 Fortunately, He has provided a way for us to be forgiven. Though not specifically stated here, other places indicate our sins are forgiven through the Messiah, who in the New Testament was revealed as Jesus.
20 Those who accept God's forgiveness will find peace, but those who persist in wickedness will be a torment to themselves and to others. They are as undesirable as dirty water.