Isaiah 53

2 The Messiah would seem on the outside to be very ordinary. He would be born a helpless baby in a hostile world. He would not have a striking appearance, nor would he walk around with a halo.
3 Once He began revealing His majesty, though, men would hate Him. As was seen in Jesus' life, the more He pointed out sin, offered mercy, and performed miracles, the more the powerful leaders hated Him. Men should have worshiped Him instead of killing Him. Even after His resurrection, most people still refuse to see Him as King and God.

Jesus not only had sorrow from men who refused to understand Him; the toll that sin took on His once "good" creation grieved Him as well.

4 The Jews of Jesus' day knew that this described the Messiah, but they refused to believe it when it happened right before their eyes. Jesus became the sufficient and necessary sacrifice for all of our sins. We know our own sorrows and at least some of the sorrows of this world, but Jesus knew and felt all the sorrow in the world and in all time. Some would insist that God would not allow a perfectly sinless man to suffer, but this very thing was needed so that sinful men might be forgiven.
5 Jesus was physically pierced with thorns, nails, and a sword when He was executed. Spiritually, He was crushed by the sins of the world. He suffered the punishment of separation from God that was due to us, but because He suffered, we do not have to when we believe in Him.
6 Every single person who ever lived is guilty of sin except Jesus. And it was this one sinless man who suffered the combined punishments for all sins.
7 Most of us will complain when we suffer, and even more so when we suffer under injustice. Jesus, on the other hand, did not complain or lash out at His trial.
8 No one at the time of Jesus' execution realized that He was dying for their sins.
9 Jesus was executed along with true criminals and His body probably would have been put in a common or mass grave. However, one of Jesus' secret followers was a rich man who gave his own tomb for the burial of Jesus' body.
10 Jesus' death is a sad episode, but out of His death, He brought forgiveness to all who would believe. If Jesus had not died for our sins, no one would go to heaven. Since He did die for our sins, believers will join Him in heaven. In Jesus' eyes, the pain and suffering are worth it. God treasures a relationship with us so much that He will go to any length to establish it.
12 Because of His sinless and self-giving nature, Jesus has proved His right and ability to judge the earth and rule God's eternal kingdom.