Isaiah 49

1 This section is written in first person, but is to be understood as referring to the Messiah's point of view.

The Messiah was to be called from the womb, and certainly applies to the virgin birth of Jesus.

2 Jesus often rebuked the religious leaders and other unfaithful people of the day in a piercing manner. In these cases His words were not meant to wound, but to redirect them. Later, when he comes in judgement, His words will forever wound those who have not believed (Rev 19:15).

There were times when Jesus was exposed to danger and other times when God hid Him (Luke 4:29-30). God determined the timing and duration of Jesus' ministry so that it would have the most historical impact.

3 The Messiah is referred to as a servant. First of all, He is the Servant of God, which means He did everything God commanded. Secondly, He is a servant to people in the sense that His work has eternal spiritual benefits for all who believe in Him.

God revealed His glory both in the miracles that Jesus performed, and more importantly in His resurrection.

The Messiah is also referred to as Israel because He is the representative of everything Israel was supposed to be.

4 Jesus met with several frustrating obstacles during His ministry. Even though He knew what would happen, it was still difficult to live through.
5 Israel, God's chosen people, had slipped from godly devotion to leagalistic religion or social compromise. Jesus' primary goal was to bring them back into right standing with God (Mat 15:24).
6 But God's purpose has always been to have a loving relationship with all people who were willing. While the Mosaic Law allowed for converts, the Israelites tended to remain a closed group. Jesus' ministry opened the door for people everywhere to come into a right relationship with God.
7 Sadly, as can be clearly seen in the world today, most people have rejected God's words to Israel and the ministry of Jesus. Yet, Jesus will return and God will make Him Judge over the entire world. Even those who rejected Him will have to kneel, admit that He exists, and submit to His judgement.