Isaiah 11

1 Here is another prophecy about the Messiah. It is confirmed here that He would descend from the line of David (Jesse was David's father -- 1 Sam 16:11-13). The picture here indicates that the Davidic kingship would apparently be broken, which agrees with the historical record. After the fall of Judah, no Davidic king ruled over the descendents of Israel. But then Jesus was born from a couple of Davidic descent (Luke 2:4), who has taken David's throne and will one day establish His kingdom forever according to God's promise (2 Sam 7:12-13). And while the Davidic kings failed before Him, the Messiah would prove to be a "fruitful" king.
2 This is the description of the Holy Spirit. This description might be the "sevenfold Spirit" mentioned in Rev 4:5.
3 The Messiah would be God, but even He would have to struggle with obedience to His own plan (Luke 22:42-44). Even though becoming the sacrifice for sin would be difficult, He did so gladly for our sakes (Heb 12:2). Jesus did not sin or fail to do what has been promised in Scripture regarding salvation.

Being God He would have the ability to know all things, and thus judge men in complete fairness (John 2:24-25).

4 In Rev 19:15, Jesus is described as having a sword in His mouth, while here it is described as a rod. While this may be figurative, the implication is that the Messiah will have the ability to slay the wicked with His word. The universe was created with a few simple sentences, and in a similar way it will be renewed.
5 The Messiah will do everything right by the standards of God. He will also bring to pass all the promises of God regarding the justification of those who truly believe and obey Him and the punishment for those who do not.
6 This is a picture of one aspect of the coming Kingdom of God. When Adam sinned, sin affected the animals, the earth, and the rest of the universe. When God removes sin, the animals will return to their initial state of peaceful coexistence with each other and with man. Animals (and man) will not be carnivorous in God's kingdom.
9 When God removes sin from us, we will have the ability to know Him so much better than we can now. In the Kingdom of God, all the inhabitants will have a perfect relationship with God, and this will make perfect peace possible.