Hosea 8

1 A trumpet was used to sound a warning call when the enemy attacked.

The Israelites had disobeyed God and their religious practices were a sham. Because of their hypocrisy, God would remove the temple -- the visible symbol of the God they claimed to serve.

2 The people might vigorously defend their love for and knowledge of God, but in reality they had rejected what was good.
4 They did not consult God concerning important national decision. In their personal lives they put their trust in things, and not in God. Because they rejected what is good, they would be cut off from everything that is good.
5 The Northern Kingdom had set up an idol to worship, which made God angry. The implication is that the Israelites could regain innocence, but they refused to leave their idol worship.
6 It should be obvious to anyone that an object made by man can not be divine. God promises to destroy this idol, and in the process the Northern Kingdom would be destroyed as well.
7 When a farmer sows one seed he expects it to produce several more. If someone indulges in idolatry he can expect to reap God's wrath. The people had nurtured religious practices that would not and could not produce anything beneficial. Even what little people might attribute to the "power" of idols would be taken away from them.
8 Israel was no longer a nation that anyone was interested in.
10 The Israelites were weak and the only way they could survive was to pay stronger nations for protection. Even so, God would weaken those allies and leave Israel defenseless.