Hebrews 4

13 God's omniscience means that nothing can be hidden from Him. We may be able to deceive other people, but we can never deceive God. He will hold us accountable for our actions, and we should not think that even the smallest sin will go unnoticed.
14 Jesus served as the final high priest when He offered the ultimate sacrifice for the world. The day of His crucifixion was a worldwide and timeless Day of Atonement. Anyone who believes, confesses, and obeys Jesus as his Savior shares in His atoning sacrifice.
15 Jesus is God and was able to live a life without sin. Some might think that Jesus, then, could not understand what it is like to be human. However, that is the very reason He came in human form. He was subjected to many of the same limitations and temptations as we are. He also encountered misunderstandings, misrepresentations, liars, betrayers, murderers, and hypocrites. He felt the pain of losing loved ones. He was tempted severely by people and Satan himself. He also suffered a terrible death on the cross. Nothing that we encounter in life that can not be related to something that Jesus encountered. While He did not sin in any of His encounters, He does know what the temptations are like.
16 It is easier to confess to someone who cares about us and sympathizes with us. We should also be encouraged to know that Jesus wants to forgive us and have a personal relationship with us.