Genesis 46

1 Israel gave a thank offering to God. When good things happen, we should take time to thank God.
3 God spoke directly to Israel and confirmed that him that he should continue the trip to Egypt. He also confirmed the promise given to Abraham that he would have numerous descendents.
4 God also promised to be with Israel in Egypt and predicted that he (i.e., his descendents) would leave Egypt one day. God also predicted that Joseph would be by Israel's side when he died.
26 In Acts 7:14 Paul says there were 75 people. I once heard an explanation for this discrepancy, but I will need to find the reference for it (???).
28 Here again we see Judah in the leadership position. Sending Israel to Goshen was pre-arranged, and was later to be established with Pharaoh.
29 Joseph was likely a very busy man, and could not help his family move in person. Once they were settled, Joseph traveled to meet them.Once reunited with his long-lost Joseph could only weep with joy. Sometimes our tears say more than our words.
30 At one time, Israel was afraid that he would go to the grave a sad and broken man (Gen 42:38). Now he was happy again. He would rest in peace when his time came.
34 Joseph is not telling them to lie. In fact, he wants them to emphasize the truth about their occupation. To start with, the Egyptians were highly prejudice of foreigners (Gen 43:32). How much more would they want to stay separated from these foreigners that also tended flocks. I don't know if they objected to the dirt and smell or if they had a religious objection to the types of animals that were being raised.Goshen was located about 30-40 miles east of the Nile River. The Egyptians relied heavily on agriculture, and were thus clustered around the water. Goshen would provide the Egyptians with the desired separation from the Hebrews. Joseph made this arrangement just as much to keep the Hebrews separated from the Egyptians. Israel was supposed to keep its identity as an independent nation, not be melded into Egypt.