Genesis 36

6 When there was "not room in this town for the both of us," Esau moved away. Jacob's blessing would allow him to stay in this territory.
7 They were considered strangers even though Esau had lived his entire life there and Isaac had lived there around 100(?) years.
8 The territory that Esau dwelt in became named after him.
24 Although this bit of history seems unimportant to us, at the time of writing, the audience would have been familiar with the event and its significance.
31 This is an interesting verse indicating that at the time of writing that the nation Israel had already had at least one king. This would date this record far after Moses. I need to do more research about this section to see if there is an explanation for this. The original might have meant that Edom had kings while Israel didn't. It also might have been a comment added later.