Genesis 35

1 God then moves Israel out of that territory. He tells Israel to go back to the first place where He met him before. Sometimes we need to go back to where we have met God to regain our purpose and identity.
2 Here we see Israel committing his life to God, just as he had promised. All other gods were to be dismissed, his family was to be devoted only to God, and the internal change would be shown externally as well.
3 Israel built a place of worship.
4 I am not sure what the earrings signified that would have them thrown out along with the idols.
5 Even though Israel's group was small, the surrounding people feared him. This was God's doing.
9 God met with Israel again. He confirmed His promise and encouraged him to use his God-given name.
18 The curse of painful childbirth led to Rebekah's death. In her last gasps of breath she names her son "Son of my pain." However, Israel chose to call him "Son of my right hand." The right hand side was considered more honored and useful. This term would be like our modern phrase "right hand man."
20 The author of this section (perhaps Joseph) indicates that there is still a marker at this sight. For those who consider Genesis as mythology should consider that the author(s) intended it to be a history book.
22 Reuben had sex with one of his father's wives. Whether this was rape or mutual consent is not indicated. However, this is truly appalling, especially in light of the brothers' earlier outrage that one of their sisters was raped. Sexual boundaries were to be respected, and even more so since the family had devoted itself to God.
27 While Israel would not see the death of his mother because of family strife, he was there to comfort his old, blind father in his last moments.