Genesis 34

2 One of the rulers' sons rapes the stranger's daughter, but then his conscious gets the better of him, and he wants to marry the woman. This put Jacob in a very bad situation. As a matter of principle, he probably did not want his sons and daughters to marry the inhabitants of this land. Now his daughter was no longer a virgin, and he would not be able to get any other man to take her. A great wrong had been done to him, but Jacob felt powerless and unwilling to go against one of the rulers of the land. Attacking this ruler might evoke revenge from neighboring cities.Jacob wanted to handle the situation calmly, so he did not run out and stir up his sons. He waited for everyone to come together.
7 This was a disgrace to the entire family.
9 Marriages were often used to obtain or secure peace, but the ruler suggests that this marriage would also lead to other marriages between the two people. The expressed idea is that Israel is to become absorbed into the current nation. If this were to happen, Israel would not longer be a nation of its own.
12 Dowries were very common. In some instances, the dowry was a gift from the husband's family to the wife's family. In other cases this is reversed. This probably depends on the particular cultures involved.
13 Jacob's sons decide to reverse the nationality loss mentioned by the ruler earlier. Instead, the natives were to reverse their nationality as symbolized by circumcision. But we will find out later that this was a trick so that the town could be easily defeated.
18 This was a difficult request, but the ruler saw this as a great financial gain, and the ruler's son saw this as a way to get the woman he wanted.
25 Circumcision for mature men without anesthetics, painkillers, or antibiotics leaves them incapacitated. We don't know how many men were in this town, but it only took two of Israel's sons to kill them all. Israel's other sons then joined in the looting.
29 The women and children probably became their servants.
30 Jacob was afraid that the surrounding people would now attack him, especially since he was a stranger with very few people.